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The Hague Open June 27th 2020

The Hague Pickleball is excited to welcome all Pickleball Players to participate in another fun filled friendly tournament on June 27th  at Sporthal Houtrust from 13:00-18:00.

Players from all over the Netherlands and abroad are welcome to compete owing to time constraints we will be competing in the men’s & women’s doubles first and mixed doubles after that!

Costs of the tournament is €10,- for one event and only €2,50 more for the second event (per player).

At night, 19.45, we’ll have dinner together at Donato Delicatessen, a nice Italian restaurant with vegetarian/vegan options (van Hoytemastraat 22A Den Haag).  Costs will be €30,- (drinks at your own cost). Please join us!

You can register by filling in the form below. You have to finalize your registration by paying.

Adres: Laan van Poot 22, 2566EC Den Haag. You can park for free in front of the sportshall.

First and last name
Date of birth
Will you play in the mens or women doubles?
What's the name of your partner (or fill in: partner wanted)
Will you play in the mixed doubles?
What's the name of your mix partner? (or fill in: partner wanted)
What's your rating in (mix)doubles? (For a description, take a look at the website ' what is pickleball-speelniveaus)
Will you enjoy dinner in an Italian restaurant (at 19.45, €30,-, drinks at your own costs)
cellphone number
confirm Email
Notifications or questions
You'll receive an automatic reply. The costs are €10,- for one event and €12,50 for both events and €30,- for the dinner. You'll receive information about how to pay later.