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Refund or reschedule?

We are glad to announce that we found a new date and a new spot for the Dutch Open 2022!
The new date is 29 April –  1May in Arnhem, Sport centre Valkenhuizen.

We hope that people who had booked hotels and flights for Januari are able to change their reservations to this date.
If you can’t come we will refund your event and dinner fee soon and also the registration costs minus 5 euros to cover the costs we allready made for Januari.

Please let us know what your plans are by filling out this form:

    Do you want a refund or do you want to reschedule your registrations to 29 April - 1 May 2022 in Arnhem?
    Yes I will come and play the same events without extra costs (we will send you a form with questions about partners etc. later)No I can't come and would like the refund for my events and dinner fees + 15 eurosI don’t know yet if I can come so please refund my event and dinner fees + 15 euros
    Questions or remarks: