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Topsportcentrum Almere Pierre de Coubertinlaan 7  Almere

Why in Almere?

Close to Amsterdam, in Almere, there is a brand new top sport location. It holds the most pickleball courts in the country, thus a perfect location to welcome all international players. The sports hall is superb and offers all facilities needed. The venue is on walking distance from the train station Almere Poort. If you would like to stay in Amsterdam, a train will bring you to Almere in 20-25 minutes.

The town Almere

Almere is built in a typically Dutch polder landscape, land gained from the sea in 1968. Only in 1975 Almere was founded and it expanded rapidly. Now it is the 7th largest city in the Netherlands. Thus, Almere is a young and big city but has nothing fancy to offer and is not touristic at all.


With the help of we will below recommend some hotels. These will offer good value for money and are situated close to a train station from where you can catch a direct train to Almere Poort.

Prices, especially in Amsterdam, vary daily. So the prices mentioned below are an indication. Hotels outside of Amsterdam are evidently cheaper.

In Almere

Close to the venue. Transportation times mentioned indicate the time directly to the sports hall

Bastionhotel, Audioweg 1 Almere
Price € 100/room 2 persons breakfast included (prices vary a lot per booking site)
Bus 322, to Amstel, 10 minutes drive
Car 3 minutes
Bicycle not advisory

Still rooms available!

Apollohotel, Koetsierbaan 12 Almere
Price € 100/ room for one night, 2 pers, breakfast included
Bus 322, to Amstel, 5 minutes walk / 15 minutes bus ride
Car 12 minutes        Bicycle       20 minutes

Fully booked!

Fynnhotel  Koopmanstraat 3, Almere 
Price € 100/night 2 persons breakfast included
Train  7 min walk, 7 min train
Car 11 minutes
Bicycle 20 minutes

Fully booked!

Marina Muiderzand, IJmeerdijk 4, Almere. This place is very close to the venue and you can park your camper there but they’ve also some very special places to stay like beach lodges, hikers cabins (also on the water), dune houses etc.

In Weesp

Weesp is a pittoresque town. It is pleasant to remain there without it being too touristic.

Hotel het Hart van Weesp, Herengracht 35, Weesp
Price € 100 / night for 2 persons, breakfast included
Train          10 min walk, 14 min train
Car            14 minutes             Fully booked!

In Amsterdam

For those who want to play pickleball ánd enjoy the city of Amsterdam, we’ve selected a few hotels, not too expensive and nearby a station with direct trains to Almere Poort.

For the same price, hotels in Amsterdam have a lot less to offer. Especially the centre of Amsterdam is crowded with tourists. Its a city that never sleeps.

On Wednesday 23 May it is possible to play pickleball in in Amsterdam, sporthal de Pijp. Near Amsterdam Centraal station, connection to Almere Poort takes 25 minutes.

Very touristic area

  • Hotel CC, Warmoesstraat 42 Amsterdam, 5 minutes walk to Amsterdam CS   €40 pppn, breakfast not included. Rating 7,7. Still rooms available!
  • Hotel Library, Prins Hendrikkade 144 Amsterdam10 minutes walk to Amsterdam CS
    € 180 /night for 2 persons, breakfast
    Rating 7,7. Just a few rooms available!
  • Hotel Ramenas,  student hotel, Haarlemmerdijk 61 Amsterdam
    15 minutes walk to Amsterdam CS
    € 50 pppn, breakfast included.
    Rating 8,7. Fully booked!
  • Bed and breakfast for 4 persons, ran by a graphic designer who amongst other things also designed the pickleball logos. The B&B is in a nice little street near Amsterdam CS

Near station Muiderpoort, connection to Almere Poort 19 minutes

  • Hotel the Manor, Lineausstraat 89,
    8 minutes walk to Muiderpoort Station
    €160 / night for 2 persons
    Rating 8,3.  Fully booked!

Near station RAI, connection to Almere Poort 35 minutes

  • Motel One Europaboulevard 213,
    3 min walk to station RAI      € 90/ night for 2 persons, breakfast not included  Rating 8,8. Fully booked!

Near station Zuid, connection to Almere Poort 32 minutes

  • Qbic hotel, Matthijs Vermeulenpad,
    17 minuten walk to station Zuid
    €55 pppn, breakfast not included. Still rooms available!

If you want to book another hotel in Amsterdam and you don’t have a car, you can also look near the following trainstations

Station Science Park commute to Almere Poort takes 22 minutes.

Amsterdam Duivendrecht commute to Almere Poort takes 24 minutes

In Haarlem

Haarlem is a beautiful city, as old as Amsterdam. It is intimate and holds a rich history.

On Thursday 24 May in the afternoon,there will be a sightseeing tour (included) and in the evening it is possible to play  outdoor pickleball.

Per train it takes 52 minutes to get to Almere Poort, and you have to change trains at least once.

  • Hotel Raeks, Raaks 1-3 Haarlem
    €90/ night for 2 persons, breakfast not included. Fully booked!

Of course you can also find yourself another hotel, camping Airbnb or Bed and Breakfast

If you have found an accomodation and have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Good luck,

Loes Zijp,

Yolande de Waal