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Topsporthal Almere
Pierre de Coubertinlaan 4

All venues can be reached easily by public transport. Our main venue in Almere is next to a train station (Almere Poort) with direct connections to Amsterdam, Weesp, Bussum and Schiphol Airport. With this public transport site you can find directions to go anywhere in the Netherlands.

Why in Almere
Close to Amsterdam, in Almere, there is a quite new top sports hall, where we have more courts at our disposal, so we can host more participants. The hall is fully equipped with a cafe, dressing rooms, showers. A supermarket is close by.
And it is accessible from Amsterdam by train in 15-25 minutes. Train station Almere poort is at 5 minutes walking.

Almere is a new town, founded at the bottom of a big lake in the centre of the Netherlands. The land was gained and a new city was born. Almere is new and big, nothing fancy but quite close to Amsterdam and most important, this big beautiful sports facility.


Tournaments location
Topsportcentrum Almere
Pierre de Coubertinlaan 4
Station Almere Poort, at 5 minutes walk
Free parking

Walking Tour Leiden Trainstation Leiden Central

Playing in sporthal de Pijp Amsterdam: Sunday January 23rd, 4.30-6.30 pm
Lizzy Ansingstraat 88 Amsterdam
Metro 52 and tram 12
Free parking on sunday

Playing in Sporthal van der Geest Haarlem on Thursday, January 27th, 8.30 pm-22 pm
Piet Voskuilenstraat 1 Haarlem
Bus 73 from Haarlem Central Station
Free parking

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