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The Hague

The Dutch Pickleball association is proud to announce  it is bringing the sport to The Hague! Yes we are bringing Pickleball clinics to The Hague! Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sport in the US & spreading all over the world . We have a very active Pickleball community in Amsterdam where I have been playing regularly. I am excited to now bring the sport here as I am sure it will form another fun & fit community in The Hague too! Come join us & try this fun & easy to learn game. We will provide the paddles, balls.

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve, Het Kleine Loo 12, Den Haag (end of September – end of April) – Google Maps

Sporthal Houtrust, Laan van Poot 22, Den Haag (end of April – mid July) – Google Maps

Sportpark Laan van Poot, Laan van Poot 355, Den Haag (end of May – end of September, if the weather is good) – Google Maps

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve: sunday from 16.00-18.00 hrs

Sporthal Houtrust: friday from 17.30-19.30 hrs

Sportpark Laan van Poot: saturday from 10.30-12.30 hrs + extra days if the weather is good

€7,00 per play (indoors)

€3,50 per play (outdoors) or €40 for the summer

Wanna try?

Just send an e-mail to of via our Facebook-pagina{:}