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The court


The pickleball court is 13.4 long and 6.1 meters wide (44 by 20 ft) for both doubles and singles. The net height is 91.4 cm (36 inches) at the ends, and 86.4 cm (34 inches) in the middle. The area between the service line and the net is called the non-volley zone and it measures 2.13 meters from the center. That includes the line, because it belongs to the non-volley zone (also called ‘kitchen’). A doubles badminton court is suitable for pickleball – only the non-volley zone for badminton is slightly smaller (1.98 instead of 2.13). You can solve this in a hall with badminton lines by taping a separate non-volleyball zone line. The lines are all 5 cm wide.


You can play pickleball on any paved field with not too many unevenness. Artificial grass, gravel and French court are not suitable.