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National Pickleball Championship November 13 2022


Sunday November 13 2022 you can participate in the National pickleball championship. Also open for new players because we play in different level groups.

Events: women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mix doubles. No age groups.

Costs: 1 event €15,-   2 events: €22,50

Everybody who has a Dutch passport or lives in the Netherlands can participate.

Schedule: 8.30-9.30 preparing the courts and warming up. 9.30-14.30 women’s and men’s doubles, 14.30-18 mixed doubles

Location: Sportcentrum Almere, Pierre de Coubertinplein 4, 1362 LB Almere. Next to train station Almere Poort and free parking in front of the building. Sportscafe with drinks and food in the building. Dressing rooms available.

Format: round robin and (semi) finals.

Registration is closed.

Your registration is final as soon as you have paid. Please send your money to NL94RABO 0359 396070 t.n.v. Pickleball Holland with your name and NK Pickleball.
Be sure that your partner(s) register for themselves.