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National Pickleball Championship November 7th 2021

Sunday November 7th 2021 you can participate in the National pickleball championship.

Events: women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mix doubles. No age groups.

Costs: 1 event €15,-   2 events: €20,-

Everybody who has a Dutch passport or lives in the Netherlands can participate.

Schedule: 10-14 women’s and men’s doubles, 14-17 mix doubles

Location: Sportshal Lekdijk Oost 15A, 3961 MB Wijk bij Duurstede

Register before Okt 25th, with or without partner, by filling in the form below.

Your registration is final as soon as you have paid. Please send your money to NL94RABO 0359 396070 t.n.v. Pickleball Holland with your name and NK Pickleball.
Be sure that your partner(s) register for themselves.

achternaam/last name
Geboortedatum/date of birth
mobiel nummer/mobile number
bevestig email
Speel je mee in de dames- of herendubbel? Do you play in the womens/mens doubles?
Naam dubbelpartner of partner wanted-Name partner in doubles or partner wanted (your partner has to fill in a registration form her/himself as well)
Welk niveau speel je? At what level do you play?
Speel je mee in de mix? Do you want to play in the mixed doubles?
Naam mix partner of partner wanted-Name mix partner (your partner has to fill in a registration form her/himself as well)
speelniveau in de mix/playing level in the mix
Would you like to be part of the organizing committee?
Je krijgt automatisch een inschrijfbevestiging met informatie over de betaling. Heb je geen bevestiging ontvangen, stuur dan een email naar You will receive an immediate reply with information about your payment. If you don'at, please send a message to