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Pickleball is a worldwide fast-growing dynamic racketsport with nowadays about 5 million players in the USA only and a big tournament and profcircuit. Pickleball on RTL4

Look at this short movie for a first impression:

Pickleball is for everybody: a small court, fast learning curve, light equipment and cheap

Pickleball connects: short games (about 15 minutes) and after each game change of partners

Pickleball is fun: an addictional game, that makes exercise come naturally

A short introduction of the most important rules:

Pickleball in the Netherlands

We hit the first pickleball on Dutch ground in 2013. Since that time more and more groups have started and pickleball is growing very well now. You can play it in every sporthall (on a badmintoncourt) and outdoor on every hardcourt facility. Just put up a (mobile) net, pick up your paddles and balls and start playing. Most times you can make 4 pickleball courts on one tennis court!

Pickleball Holland supports new initiatives with knowledge, equipment and clinics. We also give clinics to special groups like refugees, sports teachers, companies etcetera.  Besides a yearly national pickleball championship, most groups offer a tournament, we’re an official sport at the EuroGames2022 in Nijmegen and every second year we organize a big international tournament with participants from all over Europe and beyond.