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Join the Haarlem Open August 27 2022.  Players of all levels welcome!  More info can be found here

From April 1 till September 2022, we will play outdoors on the 5 outdoor courts of the van der Geest Sports Park in Haarlem Noord. That will in any case be on Thursday evening at 7.30 pm and on Sunday at 3.30-5.30 pm.

In winter: from October 1 to March 31, we play every Thursday from 8.15 pm to 10 pm (who wants to can play outdoor from 7.30 pm) and currently every Sunday from 5 pm to 7 pm  (sometimes earlier) on the indoor courts of the van der Geest sports hall.

Everyone is welcome and there is always a clinic for beginners. The 1st time you can play for free to get to know the sport and the people.
We have an introductory offer for new players: play 5 x for 12.50. Players up to 24 years old receive a discount on the normal rate. Buy your card using the form below.

We’ve got different Whatsapp-groups and you can tell us which ones you’d like to join (or not): Pickleball binnen/buiten is for general announcements, Pickleball overdag is for people who would like to arrange play during the day and the Pickleball kantine is for chatting about what ever.

Location: Sportpark van der Geest at TV-Kontakt Piet Voskuilenstraat 1 Haarlem Tel: 023-5277834.

Public transport from Haarlem station:
6 minutes by bus 73 (Uitgeest), 75 (IJmuiden) or 3 (Haarlem Noord).
Get off at the Minahassastraat stop and then walk 5 minutes.

Free parking in front of the accomodation.

More information: Bernadette Snijders Block: haarlem@pickleballholland

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Wil je in de WhatsApp groep 'Buiten spelen overdag'? Deze groep is om zelf met anderen af te spreken overdag.
Wil je in de WhatsApp groep 'Pickleball binnen/buiten'? Deze groep is voor mededelingen en speeltijden.
Wil je in de Pickleball Kantine Appgroep? Deze groep is voor sociale en informele berichten.
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