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Dutch Open cancelled / Postponed

Dear friends,

This week our prime minister held a press conference about the covid situation in The Netherlands.
We hoped that he would tell us that the near future would look brighter than the last period. But he didn’t. He told us that the following measures will be applied until at least 14 January 2022:

  • All restaurants, bars and shops will close at 5 pm. Only supermarkets may stay open till 8 pm
  • Indoor and outdoor sport venues must remain closed between 5 pm and 5 am
  • Spectators are not permitted at professional and amateur sport matches
  • Everyone must stay 1,5 metres apart
  • Assigned seats are mandatory at food and drink venues
  • People must wear a face mask when moving around any indoor public space
  • Stay at home as much as possible. If you go out, limit contact with others and stay 1,5 metres apart
  • Work from home
  • Receive no more than 4 visitors a day in your home
  • People aged 70 and over are advised to limit contact with others.

The final message of the prime minister was: we will probably give another press conference soon announcing even stricter rules because of the spread of the new variant Omicron.

After this very gloomy message the organizing committee of the Dutch Open came together and soon we realized that most of these measures and probably even stricter ones will still be current at the end of January, when the Dutch Open is planned.
Considering the situation everyone will understand that it has become impossible to allow the tournament to take place and ensure safety for all players. Also the social aspect of the tournament would be far from what we are used to in the Pickleball community, with everything closed at 17.00 o’clock and no spectators allowed during games.

Our thoughts went back to March 2020, when we had to cancel the Dutch Open 2020 two weeks before it would take place. After that we had to cancel a second one we had planned. And now, almost two years later we have to take this very, very unpleasant decision again. There will be no Dutch Open at the end of January 2022! These rules make it impossible to create a safe and fun tournament, the one we had in mind. Besides that, the situation is not safe for traveling and getting together either and we didn’t mention yet how difficult staying over will be when restaurants and bars are closed, only small groups and no public during matches are allowed and etcetera etcetera. What a disappointment it will be for all you loyal and enthusiastic participants. We as organizing team of volunteers feel the same having spent so many hours to make this tournament a successful one..

We are very, very sorry and sad this happens again. We do hope that you can cancel your bookings without costs. We will get back to you soon to inform you of our further tournament plans . Our hope is to postpone it until spring (April/May) or fall ( September) 2022. At this moment we are busy trying to find an available sports venue (we find that sporthalls are over-crowded due to other postponed events). If we succeed, we will give you the option to move your registration to the new date, or to cancel and get your money back (minus some euros for our costs). You will hear from us soon.
In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy and stay patient because one day the Dutch Open will take place!

The Dutch Open Committee,
Bernadette, Ellie, Corinne, Germa, Gianne, Jiske en Pip