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Dutch Open 29 April- 1 May 2022

We’re very happy to (rere-)announce our 4th International Pickleball Tournament in Holland. After the cancellation of the 2020, 2021 and the January 2022 version, we hope this one can take place. And if it isn’t safe, we’ll postpone it again!

Our indoor venue will be the Sportcenter Valkenhuizen in Arnhem, a very modern place where we have 16 courts available. Arnhem is a very nice, old city with lots of places to stay,  a famous park, surrounded by beautiful nature.

We offer singles (Friday), doubles (Saturday) and mixed doubles (Sunday) for players  aged 12 years and up (born in 2010 or earlier). All in skill level groups and if possible also age-groups. It will be great competition in a well organized tournament with all round robin games and the (semi) finales scheduled so no waiting without knowing when you have to play.

In the days before the tournament you can play with our Dutch pickleball groups and warm up (and maybe follow a clinic)  Thursday night 28 April. Last but not least: Saturday night you can join  our ‘gezellige’ tournament dinner in the café of the sports center.

As you might understand, we don’t know what the virus has in mind, so we advice you to book your accommodation and flights with the possibility to cancel it without any costs. And if you want to join our tournament,  you have to be fully vaccinated (inclusive booster) against Covid. You might also need a recent negative test result. We follow the restrictions of the Dutch government. Reason: we want everybody to feel safe and our tournament will be indoor with a lot of people close to each other.

In order to make our tournament as international as possible we have limited the number of participants per country. So be sure that your partners are registered before we have to close the registration. We can put you on a waiting list when we’ve reached this limit. And as soon as categories are complete, we will announce it here.

So as you can see, the Dutch Open 2022 is more than just a Pickleball tournament. It’s some active days of playing Pickleball, meeting and greeting people from all over the world, exploring and visiting the sights of our beautiful country, as well as enjoying a well organized tournament!

We will first give our participants of the January 2022 version the possibility to rebook and after that the people on the waiting list. In the last week of January we will know if we have spots available for new players.

Our goal is that you will be as satisfied as all our 3rd tournament participants in 2018 were.

The Tournament Team
Dutch Open 2022

Bernadette, Corinne, Ellie, Germa, Gianne, Jess, Jiske, Nathalie en Pip