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Dutch Open 2020 cancelled

Dear pickleball friends,

Due to force majeure we had to make the very unpleasant decision to cancel the Dutch Open 2020. The spread of this Corona virus and the National and International decisions about traveling and organizing events do force us to give up hope that the tournament can go on. Our country is taking preventative measures: events are being cancelled and a lot of schools are already closed or will close soon. An international indoor tournament of three days with a lot of senior players from all around the world is now a potential hazard for everyone involved. We’re very sorry but we hope you will understand that we don’t want to put you in a situation that causes serious risks to your health.   

Maybe some of you will still come to visit the Netherlands. If it is allowed at that time, we will make it possible to play a lot of pickleball on a small scale. We will refund the event fees, dinner and walking tour you’ve paid for. We will use the (non-refundable) registration fee (€20,-) for the costs we’ve made. If any money is left, we’ll use it for the next Dutch Open (if possible this fall).

As you might understand, we’re very disappointed and sad. But we can assure you it will be just a postponement not an cancellation. We will be back with a new date.  

Some things like health and safety are way bigger and more important than a pickleball tournament. Foremost we hope you all are well and that this virus will never reach you. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Tournament Team
Dutch Open 2020 

Bart, Bernadette, Corinne, Ellie, Germa, Jess, Jiske, Loes en Pip