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Court construction

We can connect you to companies with experience in court construction.

You can find a lot of information here: construction of pickleball courts

From tennis- to pickleballcourts:

  • 4 courts video
  • The price of changing a gravel tennis court into 4 pickleball courts will be around 40.000 euros
  • Create your own court: watch this


Pickleball on a outdoor handball court

  • the handball court is 20m x 40m
  • surface is asphalt (most times)
  • you can create 5 courts next to each other


Points of attention:

  • sun (best north-south)
  • noice
  • fences
  • space around the field
  • drainage
  • level
  • smoothness
  • permanent or mobil net


From gravel to pickleballcourt

  • Strip out existing nets and post.
  • Balance existing tennis court material and sub base material
  • Supply and Lay fresh road base material and rough grade out the area to form the levels and drainage falls. All sub base dressing works are carried out so that the finished Decoturf / Decocolor Pickleball courts has a drainage fall of 1-120 (.08%) across the width of the courts.
  • After rough dressing, we complete the grading and then compact the base. The pickleball net post sockets are installed, normally to a minimum depth of 2 feet.
  • We then Supply and Lay a wearing course of dense bituminous virgin asphalt to a compacted Layer thickness of 1½″ over the stone base course.

Depending upon budget and the Clients own specifications we can also provide options such as fencing, floodlighting, concrete ribbon curb edging or surface water draining channels which would complete the base works.

Completion of the project – Acrylic Paint Surfacing works

For all of the base construction options we offer, the works are completed by carrying out acrylic installation surfacing. Mor-Sports offers a selection of Pickleball court surfaces to suit your needs, including: the cushioned DecoTurf system, the high wear, UV resistant DecoColor system and the durable and decorative Acrylotex system.