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As club we follow the advice of the NOCNSF which means that we won’t play pickleball in Amsterdam now.

Sporthal de Pijp Amsterdam

Sunday afternoon: Starting September 9th 2018 till the end of May 2019, we play every sunday afternoon from  4.30-6.30 pm in Amsterdam!
Everybody is welcome. From 4.30-5 pm we’ll offer some training for people who want to become a better player. After that we play a lot of games and after each game we change partners.

€6,50 one time
5-times card: €30,-
10-times card: €60,-
Seasoncard: €150,-

insurance included. Can be paid in 3 x 50,- (september, december, march)

We do not play: December 23rd and 31th and April 21st (Easter)

Monday evening:

20.30 – 22.00


Yearcard €100 (or a part of this if you join during the season)
One time €5,=

Sporthal Laan van Spartaan
Rinus Michelslaan 26

Outdoor We play on a irregular base in the Bogortuin on the  Java-eiland in Amsterdam.  You can find more information here. You can also find two pickleballcourts on the  Maliebaan in Amsterdam.

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