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You can play pickleball indoor and outdoor, for all ages. Everyone is welcome!

Indoor season almost finished but some locations continue in June as well!

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From mid-September till May there are several spots we play pickleball indoor. Below there is detailed information about when and where to play. In the summer we play sometimes outside ‘guerillastyle’ at cafe The Pacific in Westerpark.

At all our spots you can join with or without partner and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced. For people who take their first pickleball steps always a beginner clinic will be offered. First time is for free and materials like paddles, balls and net will be provided, just bring clean sportshoes (for indoor use, no black soles). Come and discover this fun new sport!

If you have questions, please send an email:

Jiske van Groeneveld en Evelyn Giesbers

Indoorseason 2022/2023

The indoorseason runs from mid-September till the end of May. We play five times a week at different locations (in the East, South and West of Amsterdam). We hope to see you somewhere somehow! You can always drop by and try it, first time is for free. If you like it, later on you can decide whether you want to buy separate passes, a ticket strip or season pass (you can pay cash or by whatsapp-request).

Sunday in sportshall De Pijp (is stopped now)

Our most beautiful sports facility is located in de Pijp, recently renovated equipped with a nice new floor. Passing the desk, it is the hall on the right side. Since 2015 we play there on Sunday afternoon and we have 7 courts at our disposal. The group exists of 20 to 30 people, the level varies from 2.5 to 4.0, young (>12 years) and old are present. Besides locals we are very happy that also many international guests join us to celebrate being part of the worldwide pickleball community.

The first half hour we will do exercises (voluntarily) on three courts, afterwards there is free play and we change partners. Paddles, nets and balls are provided. You are welcome to check it out!

  • 18 September 2022 – 14 May 2023
  • 16.30 – 18.30 hours
  • No play in 2022: 25/12, 2023: 1/1, 9/4
  • Costs:
    • season pass € 150, membership and insurance included (payment in terms is possible)
    • 5-ticketstrip € 30, ticketstrip is personal and location-bound
    • 10-ticketstrip € 60
    • separate pass € 6,50
  • Address:
    Sporthal De Pijp (South)
    Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88

    • Take underground 52 from Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam South (stop De Pijp).
    • Take bus 15 from Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam Sloterdijk (stop Scheldestraat).
    • No free parking, for a limited amount of cars discount is possible (please send us an email:

Saturday in sportshall Het 4e Gymnasium (is stopped now)

This modern built high school hosts on level three a very roomy gymnasium with nice floor and woodwork. There is a special sports entrance, just walk around the building and you will find it. We have three to six courts to play on. Everyone is welcome, but this location is especially interesting for beginners. More experienced players help you to understand the rules of the game. Paddles, balls and nets are provided. First time is for free! In May we can’t play due to exams.

  • 17 September 2022 – 29 April 2023
  • No play in 2022: 22/10, 31/12, 2023: 7/1, 4/3
  • 16.00 – 18.00 hours
  • Costs:
    • season pass € 125, membership and insurance included (payment in terms is possible)
    • 5-ticketstrip € 25, ticketstrip is personal and location-bound
    • 10-ticketstrip € 50
    • separate pass € 5,50
  • Address:
    Het 4e Gymnasium (West, Houthaven)
    Archangelweg 4

    • Take bus 48 from and to Amsterdam CS (stop Archangelkade).
    • Also there is a ferry from North of Amsterdam to the Houthaven (Tasmanstraat).

Tuesday open play in sportshall Wethouder Verheijhal (for seniors)

This season for the first time there is a specific moment for seniors, organized by the county, part of an open play. We play on the top floor, on the right side. When you enter you need to climb the stairs (or take a elevator).

Do you want to start exercising (again) and you like a racket sport? This is a good place to start. We have two pickleball courts to play on. Paddles, balls and nets are provided. About 8 persons join every week. You are very welcome to try it out!

  • 28 Februari 2023 – 27 June 2023
  • 16.30 – 17.30 hours
  • No play in 2022: 28/12, 2023: 4/1
  • Costs € 2
  • Address:
    Wethouder Verheijhal (top floor)
    Polderweg 300

    • Take tram 19 from Station Sloterdijk to Diemen (stop Oostpoort)
    • Take tram 1 and 3 (stop Linnaesstraat)

Tuesday in local gym De Borgerstraat

Last year we started playing in this very local community school in the Kinkerbuurt. The entrance is next to a ping pong table on the corner of the street by the park. About 12 persons play for one and a half hours at three courts maximum. All levels are present, everyone is welcome. We start with 20 minutes of working on our technique and do some drills (voluntarily). Afterwards there is free play.

First time is for free, join us to check it out!

  • 20 September 2022 – 4 July
  • 20.30 – 22.30 hr (new timeslot!)
  • No play in 2022: 18/10, 27/12, 2023: 3/1, 28/2, 14/3, 2/5
  • Costs:
    • season pass € 140, membership and insurance included (payment in terms is possible)
    • 5-ticketstrip € 30, ticketstrip is personal and location-bound
    • 10-ticketstrip € 60
    • separate pass € 6,50
  • Address:
    Community School De Kinkerbuurt (Oud-West)
    Borgerstraat 109

    • Take tram 17  from Centraal Station to Osdorp (stop Nicolaas Beetsstraat)
    • Take tram 7 Azartplein tot Sloterpark (stop Nicolaas Beetsstraat)

Thursday open play in sportshall De Pijp

On Thursday at 8 pm there is open play, no membership is required. Several sports are accommodated like badminton, volleybal, tabletennis and of course pickleball! There will be 2 up to 3 pickleball courts available. Before, at 7 pm, a fitnesstraining is offered by a professional trainer. Using the slogan ‘do whatever you can’ you can improve your shape.

This evening is hosted by Combiwel.

  • 15 September 2022 – 29 June 2023
  • No play in 2022: 29/12, 2023: 5/1, 27/4, 18/5
  • 20.00 – 22.00 hours
  • Costs € 5 (with or without fitness training) / €4 Stadspas
  • Address:
    Sporthal De Pijp (South)
    Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88

    • Take underground 52 from Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam South (stop De Pijp).
    • Take bus 15 from Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam Sloterdijk (stop Scheldestraat).

Playing outside during the summer

This summer we had so much fun playing outside at tennisclub Linnaeushof. This club has 3 tenniscourts located within a neighboorhood in the East of Amsterdam. In the backpart on one tenniscourt there are lines drawn for four pickleball courts. More than 70 people found their way ‘to the hood’ and they came from everywhere: Dutch cities like Lelystad, Hilversum, Den Haag and Alkmaar. But also Illinois, Spokane – Washington, New York, Naples – Florida, California, Hawai, UK and Canada. And yes Amsterdam too! Unfortunately residents complained about noise so we can’t play here anymore. We are in search of a suitable outdoor location.

Photo: Lindsey Thoeng
Players from Hawai, Florida and Amsterdam

Guerillastyle pickleball

During the summer we also played ‘guerillastyle’, setting up two temporary courts at cafe the Pacific in Westerpark. To play of course and also to promote pickleball a bit more. People passing by could join and discover pickleball!

Playing outside at cafe the Pacific in Westerpark, Amsterdam.


Geldzak voor bij financienAll the revenues from season passes, ticket strips and separate passes are used for the growth of pickleball in Amsterdam. The foundation Amsterdam Pickleball Players is solely run by volunteers. With the revenues the rent of locations is paid, materials are bought and once a year the Amsterdam Open is organized.

Payments can be made in cash, by app request or you can transfer it yourself. During the season it is still possible to buy a season pass, a discount for the time passed will be applied. Also it is possible to pay in terms.

Amsterdam Pickleball Players
NL21 INGB 000 624 1398
Stating: Season pass or ticketstrip, day, season 2022-2023

Thank you very much!