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Dutch Open Feb 19, 20, 21 in 2021

The Dutch Open has been rescheduled to Februari 19th 2021.
We hope many of the players that registered for april can rebook flights and accomodation and join us in februari.

As a special offer everybody can stay booked for the Dutch Open 2021 without extra costs so in this case you won’t ‘loose’ half of the €20,- registration fee.
This offer stands for 4 weeks so untill april 15th 2020.

If you can come in Februari we will send you a form with questions about partners etc. later

If you can’t come in February 2021 we will refund your event and dinner fee soon.
If you decide to come to the Netherlands in April anyway: All sport facilites in the Netherlands are closed untill april 6th.

This form is only for players that allready registered, registration for new players starts May 15 2020

Please fill in the form below.

Can you come to the rescheduled Dutch Open on Feb 19th 2021?
Yes I will come and play the same events without extra costs (we will send you a form with questions about partners etc. later)No I can't come and would like the refund for my events + 10 eurosI don’t know yet if I can come so please refund my event and dinner fees + 10 euros
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