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Dutch Open 19-21 February 2021

The Dutch Open has been rescheduled to Februari 19th – 21st 2021. And we hope, but can’t promise, that we can make it happen this time.
We’re very happy that 140 registered players ¬†of our canceled Dutch Open 2020 registered for 2021. We will now give all these players the opportunity to update the information about the events they want to participate in and their level. Also they can find themselves partners and that’s the next group who can register for 2021. Final date for all this information and partner registration is June 15th 2020. We will take some time to see how many spots we have left and in which categories. We hope we can open the registration for this at July 15th, but no promises yet.

As you might understand, we don’t know what the virus has in mind, so we advice you to book your accommodation with the possibility to cancel it without any costs.

The programm will be:

Wednesday February 17th: we hope we can offer clinics and free play in Amsterdam. Plan B is free play and clinics in Haarlem, 12.30-16.30

Thursday February 18th: free play and clinics in Haarlem from 12.30-16.30 and 20.30-22.30

Friday February 19th: singles from 14 – 19 and free play from 18-21 in Almere

Saturday February 20th: men’s and women’s doubles from 8.30-18.30, tournament dinner at 19 in Almere

Sunday February 21st: mixed doubles from 9 – 17 in Almere