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Dutch Open 28-30 januari 2022


We’re very happy to (re-)announce our 4th International Pickleball Tournament in Holland. Our indoor venue will once again be the Topsportcenter in Almere where we have 16 courts available. We hope that you will be as satisfied as all our 3rd tournament participants were in 2018.

We offer singles, doubles and mixed doubles for players  aged 12 years and up (born in 2009 or earlier). And we will play in some age brackets. You can find our format here

In the days before the tournament you can play with our Dutch pickleball groups and improve your game in our free clinics and your cultural knowledge by participating in the Leiden city tour. Last but not least: Our tournament dinner will be in the fantastic restaurant Atlantis, next to the sportscenter. We’ve tried it and can assure you, you really don’t want to miss it!

So as you can see, the Dutch Open 2022 is more than just a Pickleball tournament. It’s 8 active days of playing Pickleball, meeting and greeting people from all over the world, exploring and visiting the sights of our beautiful country, as well as enjoying a well organized tournament!

The Tournament Team
Dutch Open 2022

Bernadette, Corinne, Ellie, Germa,  Jiske, Loes en Pip