3rd International Pickleball Tournament Holland 2018

The 3rd International Pickleball Tournament Holland will take place from May 25 - May 27 2018 in the Topsportcentrum Almere!

It will be a very international event with probably 200 players. After two successful tournaments in the centre of Amsterdam we were in need of a venue with more courts. We're very happy that we've found this beautiful topsportcentre in Almere where we have 16 courts available, a very nice cafe and the facility to have a dinner saturdaynight.

The venue lies next to  trainstation Almere Poort, with direct connections to almost all stations in Amsterdam). At our 'where to stay' page we've collected a lot of ideas with good connections to the venue.

It will be a skill level tournament (no age groups) and you can play singles (friday afternoon), doubles (saturday) and/or mixed doubles (sunday). In singles you'll play at least 3 games and in doubles at least 4. Minimum age is 16 years.


  • one event € 32,-,
  • two events: € 52,-,
  • three events: € 62,-.
  • this includes free play Wednesdaynight in Amsterdam, free play Thursdaynight in Haarlem, a free guided walking tours trough Haarlem Thursday afternoon and a free guided walking tour through Amsterdam Friday morning.
  • special Amsterdam Pickleball Players water bottle join the pipe : € 5,-     
  • diner saturdaynight: € 20,-
  • tournament t-shirt: € 10,-

Registration starts August 15  2017.

We would like our tournament to be as international as possible and an opportunity for Dutch pickle ballplayers to meet people from abroad. For that reason we will limit the amount of players from the same country and we'll save spots for players from new countries and for Dutch players.

In the singles tournament we have room for 32 women and 32 men. In the mens and women doubles for 50 couples each and in the mixed doubles we can have about 100 teams. We'll make a waiting list if there's no room left in a certain event.


Wednesday May 23 : pickleball evening in Amsterdam, Sportshall de Pijp

Thursday May 24:

  • afternoon: a free guided walking tour through Haarlem and after that outdoor (or indoor) play with Pickleball Haarlem.

Friday May 25:

  • morning: a free guided walking tour through Amsterdam
  • 3-7 pm singles tournament
  • 6 -9 pm: registration and free play for all participants,referee clinic, meet old and new pickleballfriends and playing partners.

Saturday May 26:

  • 9 am - 7 pm: men's and women's doubles 
  • 7.30 pm: dinner in the topsportcentre Almere

Sunday May 27:

  • 9 am - 6 pm: mixed doubles  

Join our facebookgroup: Pickleball Tournament Holland 2018

Venue: Topsportcentrum Almere

Public transport the Netherlands

Description playing levels in Dutch and English

Contact:  pickleballamsterdam@gmail.com

Tournament directors: Bernadette Snijders Blok & Carine Thesingh Tournament Committee: Bart van Baere, Corien Blommestein, Evelyn Giesbers, Jiske Groeneveld, Loes Zijp, Margriet Snijders Blok and a group of students.

First Name
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dinner saturdaynight €20,-
Would you like to buy a t-shirt, especially made for this tournament? Price is €10,-
Size t-shirt (choose a bigger size than normal)
Do you want a nice join-the-pipe ( http://join-the-pipe.org/en) water bottle with Amsterdam Pickleball Players logo? The prize is € 5,-
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Wednesday night May 23rd there's open play in Amsterdam. Do you think you'll be there?
Thursday May 24 there's a free walking tour through Haarlem in the afternoon and open play at night. Do you think you will join?
Do you want to participate in the (free) walking tour through Amsterdam Friday morning May 25th?
There's open play friday night may 25th in Almere. Do you think you'll be there?
RELEASE, PERMISSION, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT Waiver. In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in the Amsterdam Pickleball Tournament (“the Tournament”), I, for myself, my heirs or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue the Amsterdam Pickleball Players or the Topsport centrum Almere its/their officers, employees and agents from liability from any and all claims resulting in personal injuries, accidents or illnesses (including death) and property loss arising from my participation in the Tournament. Assumption of Risk. Participation in the Tournament carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary, but include 1) minor injuries such as bruises, sprains and dehydration, 2) major injuries such as eye injuries, joint, bone or back injuries, heat stroke, heart attacks, and concussions, and 3) catastrophic injuries such as paralysis and death. I have read the previous paragraphs and I know, understand and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in playing pickleball. I assert that my participation is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks. Indemnification and Hold Harmless. I also agree to indemnify and hold the Amsterdam Pickleball Tournament harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees brought as a result of my involvement in the Tournament. Use Permission. I also give the Amsterdam Pickleball Tournament and its agents and designees permission to use or distribute, without limitation or obligation, my image, name, voice, and words for any purpose connected with the Tournament, including promotional, marketing, training, informational, and archival uses.
We will send you an email about your payment for the tournament. The costs are: one event € 32,- two events € 52,- three events € 65,- special water bottle: €5,- dinner €20,- t-shirt €10,- If you pay by Pay Pal :€ 2,- Cancellation: €10,- till April 15 2018 and after that €20,-
Questions, comments?
You will receive a confirmation message as soon as you have sent this form. If you don't receive this message, please let us know! Send an email to pickleballamsterdam@gmail.com