HOME Pickleball is a rather new sport, at least for the Netherlands. The first game on Dutch soil was played on Friday afternoon, 1 March 2013, on Java-eiland in Amsterdam. Since then an active pickleball group has developed in Amsterdam and in the town of Eefde. Recently two new groups started in Overveen and in Melick.

We have already organized one very successful international tournament. The reactions from participants were unanimously enthusiastic! Pickleball is easy to learn and a lot of fun. Currently we are hard at work spreading the pickleball virus all over the Netherlands.

It is a sport for all age groups that you can play in your own neighborhood, and a sport that is especially suitable for seniors and people who cannot participate in other sports any longer because of injuries. The fun thing about pickleball is that you can play it at all levels.

News & Events

Tournaments coming

Do you like to play pickleball? Register for one or more nice tournaments. They have all skill level groups so don't be afraid that you're not good enough! Sunday december 17  Eefde Open Saturday February 24  The Hague Open Sunday March 11  Dutch Nationals in Almere May 25-27 International Tournament Almere

Clinics by world's best players September 10 + 11!

We're very happy that 4 great players from the Professional Pickleball Federation will give 2 clinics in the Netherlands next weekend, Sunday Afternoon September 10 and Monday morning September 11. We'll welcome Jennifer Lucore, Christine McGrath, Tyler Wren and Roberto Donati with great enthusiasm and let's hope they can help us to become better players ...continue reading "Clinics by world's best players September 10 + 11!"

Haarlem Open zondag 27 augustus 2017

Op zondagmiddag 27 augustus vindt organiseert Pickleball Haarlem een toernooi onder de titel Haarlem Open. We verwachten spelers uit binnen- en buitenland voor dit dubbelspeltoernooi voor alle niveaus. Je kunt deelnemen als dames-, heren- of  mixdubbel. Geef je op met of zonder partner (dan vinden wij er wel een). Kosten slechts €10,-. Tijd: 12-16.30 uur. ...continue reading "Haarlem Open zondag 27 augustus 2017"

Mooie subsidie voor Pickleball Haarlem

De gemeente Haarlem heeft Pickleball Haarlem een mooie subsidie toegekend. Hiermee kunnen 6 netten, 24 paddles en binnen/buitenballen gefinancierd worden. Bovendien is er geld om op een handbalveld op het van der Geest Sportpark in Haarlem Noord 5 outdoor pickleballvelden te laten belijnen! Vanaf juli kunnen we daar terecht op de donderdagavond en meer momenten ...continue reading "Mooie subsidie voor Pickleball Haarlem"